10.00 - 12.00

Transfer from your hotel by air-conditioned vehicle.

14.30 Arrive at Ao Po Jetty. Board the boat and enjoy a thai style light lunch. There will also be a briefing session.
15.30 Arrive at the first island and explore 1-2 caves and hongs. Here you will be guided by a kayak and also learn about the island.
16.30 Return to the boat and then move to the second island.
17.00 On arrival at the second island, you will continue to explore.
18.00 Return to the main boat and enjoy a Thai seafood sunset dinner.
19.00 Paddle to a previously visited hong. However, this time you will be exploring the hong by starlight.
20.00 Return to Ao Po Jetty.
21.00 Arrive at Ao Po and transfer to your air-conditioned transport. You will then begin your journey back to your hotel.
22.00 Arrive back at your hotel.

Enjoy our sea canoe tour in Phang Nga.

This tour includes the following;




Just a few miles north-east of Phuket, located in the Andaman Sea, you will find the enchanting Phang-nga Bay.

The bay lies between the island of Phuket and also the mainland of the Malay peninsula of Southern Thailand. More than 100 islands make up Phang-nga.

Their geology is truly unique to each of these island. They range from low lying to sloping hills to limestone karsts rising dramatically from the emerald sea.

The spectacular landscape of Phang-nga ensures that this is a world famous landmark.

Phang-nga is the fantastic setting for many unforgettable tours and activities. When you visit Phang-nga, you can be assured that there is an abundance of magical things to see and do.

This is an ideal tour destination for all the family - both young and old.